Twitter Photos Get a Square Look, Likely to save a little More Time

In the world of business, time is money. And in the world of tweets, every tweet means short texts to hit the large.

Twitter is, generally, a text based platform. However, efforts are being made in order for incorporating a rich media experience for tweeples. Over time, Twitter could figure out the catch and added images, short videos, GIF and now images in square shape along with larger multi-image display feature.


Time-saving? Yes.

For graphic artists and twitter profile owners (brands and individuals), photo resize is a matter of great concern. The reason being: image visibility at a glance in a noisy platform that Twitter has already turned into. Now, that worry is gone once and for all. Once a square image is created, it’s ready to go live on Twitter. Moreover, for rectangular images, an uncropping option is made available to save time. No need to heed to the specific platform specific photos for twitter now onwards.new_look_for_twitter.com_photos_2

Arguably, Twitter is following the footprints of Facebook. Nonetheless, its 140 character tweet option keeps it a jewel in the social world.

For brands and individual users, Tweets with rich media is going to be real easy. Marketers maybe now expect a designer’s turnaround in much little time.

Tweeting square and rectangular photos will not be eaten up by the dimensions now. It’s a real ‘Aha’ moment as growth hackers call it.


2 thoughts on “Twitter Photos Get a Square Look, Likely to save a little More Time

  1. Reblogged this on Social Weblog Collection and commented:
    Twitter is making a small but noticeable change to the way your feed looks: images will no longer be cropped. Aside from being larger overall, the new look is more like to Facebook’s album displays, with one large highlight image flanked by smaller displays of the rest.


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